stride2pdb "homepage"

A perl script (probably not worthy of such an elaborate homepage)
that converts stride style output to PDB style HELIX/SHEET lines

Download stride2pdb.tar

Downlad the stride source code (EMBL no longer supports stride)
Download stride-osx.tar (stride compiled for OSX)

README file for stride2pdb version 0.01

This is another ghetto perl script by James Stroud.

You need to have perl installed (5.6.0 or later is probably

I've never read the license, but stride2pdb is distributed
under the GPL (so you can't sue me if anything screws up).

It converts stride style output to the PDB style HELIX/SHEET
lines that many visualization programs can use (like pymol).

It does not give tertiary interactions because these are
not calculated by stride.

The stride homepage can/could be found at:

Recommended usage:

% stride -o myfile.pdb > myfile.stride
% stride2pdb myfile.stride >
% cat myfile.pdb > my_new_file.pdb

The file "my_new_file.pdb" can now be read by pymol, etc.

See the example folder for a successful run.