Module pyparsing :: Class Word
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Type Word

   object --+        
ParserElement --+    
            Token --+

Token for matching words composed of allowed character sets. Defined with string containing all allowed initial characters, an optional string containing allowed body characters (if omitted, defaults to the initial character set), and an optional minimum, maximum, and/or exact length.
Method Summary
  __init__(self, initChars, bodyChars, min, max, exact)
  parseImpl(self, instring, loc, doActions)
Inherited from Token: setName
Inherited from ParserElement: __add__, __invert__, __or__, __radd__, __repr__, __ror__, __rxor__, __xor__, checkRecursion, copy, ignore, leaveWhitespace, parse, parseFile, parseString, parseWithTabs, postParse, preParse, scanString, setDebug, setDebugActions, setDefaultWhitespaceChars, setParseAction, setResultsName, setWhitespaceChars, skipIgnorables, streamline, suppress, transformString, tryParse, validate
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Class Variable Summary
list __slotnames__ = []
Inherited from ParserElement: DEFAULT_WHITE_CHARS

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