Welcome to the Chen Lab

Our laboratory is interested in the structure and function of molecular complexes that control cell signaling and gene expression. We use a multi-disciplinary approach that combines structural biology, chemical biology, biochemistry/cell biology, and computational biology/bioinformatics to study the molecular basis of signal transduction and transcription regulation.


Research Highlight

Our research has been supported in part by NIH (NIGMS, NIAID, NHLB), the Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Foundation, and the W.M. Keck foundation. Grants.



Congratulations to Yongheng on the structural and genome 3D studies of FOXP3 in Treg cells, the paper from this study, done in collaboration with labs of Andrew D Wells, Jasmine Zhou, and Bing Ren has just been publihed in Nucleic acids research.


Congratulations to Daisy Duan for her structural studies of c-Src in complex the Cancer Drug Ruxolitinib , which has been accepted for publication by PloS one.


Welcome new lab member, Dr. Jiang Xu.